What is Warehousing?

8 October 2012

What is Warehousing?

If you need a business property to rent, you might also need to rent warehousing space, but what is warehousing, exactly? A warehouse is typically used to store merchandise related to your business. Warehouses are often large, plain buildings that are located in industrial areas of cities or towns. If you own a business that does a lot of manufacturing or you simply need a place for storage, then you should consider leasing a warehouse. Romalax can provide you with both industrial and commercial properties to lease. We make sure that you choose the property lease that will benefit you and your business in the long-term.

Our forte is business property to rent or buy property for development, commercial properties to lease and shops to rent too. What makes Romalax different to the rest of the property specialists out there is that we have a broad database with a large variety of industrial properties on offer throughout South Africa. Whether you are looking to expand your business by adding an additional factory or just looking for additional space in the form of a warehouse, Romalax has the solution to fit your every requirement.

Are you seeking a business property to rent?

Are you seeking a business property to rent because you are either starting a new business or you simply looking to relocate? If your answer is yes, then Romalax is the answer for you! Our team is committed to finding the most suitable business property to rent or buy. Whether you are looking for a long term investment in buying a business property or you'd prefer the more economically viable option of finding a business property to rent, Romalax has such a wonderful selection of properties and we will partner with you to find the perfect match. With our customer-focused staff, we will give you that individual attention that you deserve. We have knowledge of business property to rent in areas all over South Africa.

The services we offer:

  • Leasing of Commercial, Industrial and Retail premises.  
  • Sales or Development for Owner-occupiers and Investors.

Our value-added services include:

  • Information Technology - network cabling, hardware, software and consumables
  • Telecommunications
  • Space Planning and Interior Decoration
  • Office Furniture
  • Relocation Services
  • Retro-fitting - Dry walling, alterations and flooring

Romalax is a multi-faceted commercial property brokerage, specialising in rentals, sales and investments, as well property for development throughout South Africa. Our head office is based in Johannesburg, South Africa with a regional office in Cape Town.

The company's team members are extremely dedicated, determined and our client centric approach ensures that we meet client specific requirements. Our team strives to offer our clients best advice and assist making informed business decisions pertaining to the client's leased or owned commercial property.

We thrive on establishing good relationships with our clients, landlords and management companies with the main objective in concluding deals to the benefit of all involved. In short, your output targets become our service delivery goals.

If you would like further information on "what is warehousing", business property to rent, what is commercial property, property for development, commercial properties to lease, shops to rent or if you need a rentals lease, pick up the phone and call us today!